Redefining Retail with AI

Andrew Bourne & Jaime Abromovitz
Andrew Bourne, President & CTO; Jaime Abromovitz, CMO


How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) redefine a major need and challenge in retail services? The answer lies within REACH™ by Octopi, which addresses the major need and challenge in retail services to automatically (rather than manually) fill last-minute appointments, cancellations and quiet times. This is where AI comes in. REACH is an intelligent AI-Powered CDP with a Smart Scheduling SaaS platform built to fill this need and revolutionize the salon and spa industry and subsequently, all service or appointment-based industries.

Co-founded by Andrew Bourne, President and CTO, and Jaime Abromovitz, CMO, Octopi partners with POS (Point of Sale) Developers, to give their merchants the ability to offer the best end-to-end client experience while making sure the revenues are shared all the way down the value chain. “We do this by integrating a smart scheduling solution which promotes off-peak booking and shifts clients to slow and quiet times. REACH scans appointment books in real-time, identifies open spots based on rules settings, and broadcasts appointments to clients, all in order to Fill Empty Seats.” Commented Andrew.

The leading-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Octopi’s REACH platform solves a true market need in a revolutionary way by offering these services, which are now personalized and automated to bring cutting edge enterprise technology to be small and medium-sized businesses who would otherwise not be able to have access to it.

Octopi’s AI Engine and customer-driven data algorithms import and correlate information from the POS to identify and further define meaningful business relationships based on a client’s historical preferences and buying patterns. Then REACH provides optimal relationship-building communications, bookings, and revenue results, which are directly aligned to the client’s preferences. “We do all the heavy lifting from the technology, marketing budget spend, and business revenue optimization standpoint, so merchants can focus on their own areas of expertise like providing the services in which they specialize,” says Jaime Abromovitz, CMO. “We also import merchant data and market intelligence information in addition to the POS data, to incorporate a full picture of marketplace dynamics into our Artificial Intelligence Engine.”

Throughout their case studies with POS partners and merchants, Octopi’s main challenge in implementing their solution has been the educational aspect of explaining AI and it’s differentiating benefits from what is currently available to people. “It’s quite a technical concept and so we have found that speaking to the benefits that REACH provides to businesses, and following up with our 400% ROI guarantee and an easy CTA (call to action) to try it ‘risk-free, no contracts, no set-up fees,’ is an easier way to help them understand we stand by our word and our word is Results,” explains Andrew. The company plans to continue to stay dedicated to their current POS partners, with a tight focus on building deeper relationships in the salon and spa industries and continue to empower them with new exciting platform features and benefits.

According to Jaime, cloud computing will be driven by advances in SaaS platforms with Artificial Intelligence. “This is an exciting trend for our industry as more and more POS developers are making a move from legacy systems to the cloud. As they partner with us, they will be able to take advantage of the benefits of our exceptional artificial intelligence engine to gain competitive advantage and differentiate themselves with leading-edge offerings for world-class, personalized and simplified client experiences.” Concluded Jaime Abromovitz.